SEO Tip #1 Set Up and Promote a Blog – Add an RSS Feed


Having great content is essential to promoting your products and services. One way to generate great content is to include a blog or news feed in your website.  For your content you should write about things that speak to your expertise as a person or your company. In this instance I am writing about promoting a blog which an essential part of online marketing or search engine marketing. Some marketers would classify this as content marketing.

I like to include a page with the blog titles hyperlinked to a 3rd party website like WordPress and publishing an RSS feed on the website to syndicate the content.  What is RSS you ask?  Here is a short video explaining it:

The RSS feed is a simple XML file that contains the items you have published in an index format that an RSS reader can understand.  The Bridge Group’s RSS URL is here:

To add the feed to an RSS reader you simply input the URL and now your news comes right to you.  I use the RSS feed feature in Outlook so I get my news with my email.

Using a landing page for your news combined with the RSS feed, now generates several hyperlinks to your content from your website. You get a hyperlink from your blog page titles and a hyperlink from your RSS feed. That is two links before anyone even discovers the content.  For example, the Bridge Group blog page index is here:

If you have a mailing list, you can include links to your blog posts as part on email drip campaign to your constituents.  This will amplify the impact of your content with messages targeted to interested persons.  Be sure you have permission from the folks you are emailing or you will be in violation of the canned SPAM act.

As your blog followers discover the content, and like it, they will share the link through social media, email etc. and help promote traffic to your site. The more links that point to your site the higher you will rank in search engine page returns.  I also like to connect the blog to Google’s feed burner web 2.0 service to help promote the feed.

So to sum up, to get maximum SEO benefit from your blog you should:

  • Publish content often
  • Host your blog on 3rd party site like WordPress
  • Install a news/blog section on your website with hyperlinks to the blog posts
  • Maintain an RSS feed on your website that indexes your blogs
  • Promote the blog posts via email, social networks and use a service like Feed Burner to help syndicate the content
  • Submit your RSS feed URL to various RSS indexes to promote the feed.

If all this seems daunting, just hire the Bridge Group Online, we can help you set all this up and even write the content for you.  Our fees are much smaller than the large agencies and we will get you noticed.  Feel free to email me at and I would be happy to help.

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